7. Equine Indicators and Assessment

7. Equine Indicators and Assessment

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Workshop Level: Advanced 
Certificate : A Certificate of Completion for 30 Credit Hours is available after successfully passing 8 unit quizzes, final examination, and case study.

Indicators and Assessment is a treasure trove of information based on the rich source of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The workshop begins with a review of the unique TCM theories and concepts underlying acupressure such as Yin-Yang Theory, Meridian Theory, Five-Element Theory, plus Acupoint Classifications. By reinforcing your knowledge of the basics you are ready to step-up to the next level of knowledge. The rest of Indicators & Assessment is devoted to expanding and deepening your knowledge of Chinese medicine and how to apply it to your use equine acupressure. The workshop covers:

  • How the Five Vital Substances function in the body
  • The effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on the Vital Substances
  • An in-depth discussion of the assessment process
  • How to use the Eight Principles in the assessment process
  • A presentation of additional assessment tools used in TCM
  • How to develop a acupressure session using a practical format
  • A set of "Common Patterns of Disharmony" case studies, and,
  • A listing of Resources including books, and websites.

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