What is Acupressure?

Traditional Chinese Medicine was discovered in 1000 BC.  Traditional Chinese Medicine functions on the principle that the body is an integrated, energetic structure and an imbalance anywhere affects the entire system. The main belief behind of this type of medicine is that our bodies can heal themselves we just have to nudge them back towards balance. 


Acupressure is a form of TCM that aims to clear blockages in the energetic channels throughout the body by applying light pressure to acupoints to restore the harmonious flow of Chi. The body’s Chi can be disrupted, weakened, or blocked if there is imbalance between the pairs of yin and yang organs or between the Five Elements.There are many categories of acupressure points, some that are more powerful, some govern regions or systems of the body, and others that (re)connect organ systems.

When applying it to animals, you can use it for: behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, difficulty concentrating, or aggression; physical problems such as joint pain, digestive issues, itchy skin, or other chronic wellness issues.